It’s hard enough when your child is sick. Why make it harder than it has to be?

No more disruption of your schedule to sit in a waiting room. You and your child can stay comfortable at home while a board-certified pediatrician comes to you.
Let us help you when – and where – you need it most.

At Pineapple Pediatrics, we pride ourselves on bringing hospitality and convenience into the daily practice of pediatric sick care.

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Children aged 3 months to 18 years with non-life-threatening illnesses are appropriate for a pediatric house call appointment.


Request an appointment online

Receive a notification via text and email to confirm

A pediatrician will visit your home to examine, diagnose, and treat your child

Our Service Area

We currently service the following zip codes shown below.

If you live outside these zip codes, please call or email us and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

  • 92373 (Redlands)

  • 92374 (Redlands)

  • 92354 (Loma Linda)

  • 92346 (San Bernadino)

  • 92408 (San Bernadino)

  • 92399 (Yucaipa)

  • 92359 (Mentone)

  • 92320 (Calimesa)

  • 92223 (Beaumont)

  • 92313 (Grand Terrace)

  • 92507 (Riverside)

  • 92521 (Riverside)

  • 92506 (Riverside)

  • 92508 (Riverside)

  • 92501 (Riverside)

  • 92557 (Moreno Valley)

  • 92555 (Moreno Valley)

  • 92553 (Moreno Valley)

  • 92551 (Moreno Valley)

  • 92518 (Moreno Valley)

  • 92324 (Colton)

  • 92567 (Nuevo)

In-Network Insurances

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