Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Villarreal
Diana Villarreal, MD, PhD, FAAP

Dr. Villarreal (“Dr. V” for short) trained at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio in the Baylor College of Medicine pediatric residency program. She then worked in Colorado and California in clinics, hospitals, and nurseries.  She has been a mother of three during all her residency training and working years.

Importantly, she knows how hard it is to have a sick child in the evening when the pediatrician’s office is closed or booked solid for the afternoon.  She understands the scarce options for pediatric care after hours.

One night, while checking a friend’s child for a fever, her friend asked her if she would consider offering house calls to families when they need it most.  That simple question nudged her down this unconventional path: to bring pediatric sick visits back into the home.